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Maintenance & Cleaning

We offer regular maintenance, as well as one-off cleans for your pond and/or water feature. This can be fortnightly, monthly, or annually. One-off cleans can be arranged when required at any time of the year. If your pond is well stocked with fish and plants, we can set up a holding pool for minimal disruption to wildlife. 

Construction & Repairs

Specialists in the creation of ponds, water features and waterfalls – we can bring your vision to life. Working with you from planning and designing, to construction. Ensuring the pond is sited correctly and built to last is important, whilst using the best materials available. We will work with you to an agreed budget and keep you updated throughout the project. We can also upgrade and refurbish established ponds, giving them a new lease of life.

Having many years of experience working with residential and commercial clients, we understand that every person’s vision is different. Taking uniqueness and practicality into account there are many creative options such as:

Fishponds, Wildlife Ponds, Ornamental Ponds and Lakes, Natural Habitats, Natural Rock Waterfalls, Hand-Crafted Schist or Slate Waterfalls, Water features, Water Gardens, Natural Swimming Ponds, Pebble Ponds, Fountains, Feature Walls and more.

If your pond or water feature is damaged or cracked we will do our best to fix it.

Installation & Services

We can repair, service, supply and replace your water feature, filter, pump or ultra violet light. Many ponds and water features we come across have been poorly designed or have inadequate pumps or filtration.

This can have an impact on water quality creating Green water, blanket weed, slime algae or general algae problems. We will advise you on the best algae treatment or filter system and UVC to create a well-balanced and thriving pond. We install and maintain all major brands OASE, Blagdon, Hozelock, Pond Master, and solar pumps.

Aquatic Consultancy

To help you create the perfect pond, we can consult with Architects, Landscape designers, Landscapers, or Home owners. If you are building or designing your pond yourself, or have a Landscaper that you are happy with but need to check its going correctly, just give us a call and for a hourly rate we will visit your site and help you create that perfect pond or water feature.

Plant & Fish Health

Plants can play a vital role in establishing a beautiful pond. They can help to clarify, filter and oxygenate the water whilst adding visual impact. We can source various aquatic plants to suit your requirements. If your pond is already established and your plants are overgrown, we can reduce, divide and replant. Plants are a great way of keeping down blanket weed and other troublesome algae by covering the surface area thus reducing photosynthesis for algae growth.

Fish Health – Offering expert advice, we can test your water quality and advise on treatment/solution according to test results. In many cases we inspect the fish for bacterial, parasitic or fungal infections which are very common and can be treated in most cases.