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Professionals in creating and maintaining ponds and water features

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Creating Ponds and Water Features

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The Pond Specialist

Adrian and the team have been working with clients to create, maintain and service ponds for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on great customer service always keeping you informed and involved no matter how small or large the job. The growth and success of our business has been due to the excellent quality of workman ship for both domestic and commercial contracts.

We specialise in Pond & Landscape design, building, cleaning and maintaining, installing water features and pre formed ponds, additions or alterations to  existing ponds and pools.

Bringing nature into your Garden

Ponds and water features can be a lovely asset and feature in your garden, but may come with some grubby and unexpected chores.

To keep it looking its best regular maintenance and cleaning is required. It can be a mucky and messy job so let us do it for you.

“We’ve been through it with you Christchurch quakes and all, servicing Christchurch, Selwyn and Waimakariri districts.”

Specialists in creating

Natural habitats- Natural Rock Waterfalls-Hand crafted Schist or slate waterfalls – Ornamental Ponds and lakes- Water features- Goldfish ponds- Wildlife ponds- Water gardens- Natural swimming ponds- Pondless waterfalls.

Pebble ponds-Fountains-Rills-Streams-Floating fountains- Solar fountain pumps-Butyl-Ardex. 

For an all-inclusive quotation, simply give us a call and we’ll be pleased to go through the options available.

Site visits

We will first visit you for a site survey to help you with  a design for your water feature or pond.

Working with major insurance companies

Such as State, AMI, IAG, Vero, AA, SIS.